Rome and the Mediterranean Coast

Food and Drink!

Pictured here is my first night visiting Rome. After my summer in London, I knew I wanted to return to Europe as soon as possible, so in December 2022 my family took a trip to Italy. When we arrived everyone felt a little jetlagged so we had espresso martinis and pizza as soon as we got to the hotel. This dinner set the tone for the trip as every day was filled with excellent Italian food and drink.

The Colosseum

One of the more fascinating aspects of Rome was how ancient historical sites were scattered throughout the city. Walking down any street, you could find a modern restaurant and remnants of buildings from before the Middle Ages. The most jaw-dropping site was of course the Colosseum. I had the unique opportunity to spend New Year’s Eve by the Colosseum and tried Italian drinks such as limoncello and Peroni.

Amalfi Coast

I didn’t just stay inside the city, however; on my fourth day, I took a day trip down the Amalfi coast to Positano. Here, I saw the beautiful Mediterranean Sea along with numerous coastal towns. I stopped in Pompeii where I took a guided tour of the ruins. On this trip, I developed an appreciation for Italy since I saw the picturesque Italian countryside and coast.